The history of Piaffe Equestrian Supplies  1991-2011 Celebrating 21 Years!!

I made my first horse rug for my Shetland pony when I was 15 years old.  Everybody loved it, my friends asked me if I could make
some for them.

In 1991, I was approached by Audrey Williamson, Secretary of the Dandenong Ranges Pony Club and was asked if I wanted to make the Moomba Showjumping Championship rugs. I said yes!
I have just finished the 2011 rugs, so now I have been making them for the past 20 years! 

In year 12 I did work experience at “saddle up”. 

When I finished year 12, I was making rugs and accessories for friends, then I would receive phone calls from people wanting me to make them rugs too, I still hadn’t advertised yet.

Early In 1991 I was approached by an older couple who offered me their patterns in exchange for 20 canvas rugs, a deal that was very successful to this day.  Rugs that fit well from 2’6’’ up to 7’6’’
‘Piaffe’ meaning “movement but still” which also means, “the horses can move and the rugs stay still”

My mother said to me “Melanie, you had better go and see my accountant and register a business name” so I did!
From that day, Piaffe Equestrian Supplies has kept me very busy 5-7 days per week, it is very demanding, but very rewarding.

Piaffe Equestrian Supplies has been operating since 1991, employing staff, attending trade shows and sponsoring many events.


One of my first trade stands nearly 20 years ago

One of the Moomba Showjumping presentations

Rupertswood Horse trials presentation rug made by Piaffe in 1992